Air Treatment

Airblast has a wide spectrum of air treatment equipment available, which are fabricated to become capable of fulfilling the purpose for which they are equipped. Our products are best suitable to satiate the requirements of the project, regardless of how large or small.


Being the highly reputed blasting equipment supplier (Supplier Peralatan Blasting), our top-of-the-line products include airless spray pump.


An airless spray, the quickly moving high-pressure liquid stream gives the energy required to prevail over the fluid’s viscosity (resistance to flow) as well as surface tension ( a force that links the surface of a liquid together) to make a fine spray. At Airblast, we have the finest selection of Airless Spray Pump Indonesia that performs the task perfectly.


 Advantages of Airless Sprayers:


Our Airless Spray Pump Malaysia gives a simple and cost-effective way to do coatings. Expert contractors choose to utilize airless sprayers for various reasons, the quite famous being:


  • Speed- Airless spraying is quick, thus, many works can be done in a short span of time, utilizing less labour. Airless spraying is about 4 times faster than rolling or brushing.
  • Quality- Airless sprayers make an even coat of paint on every type of surfaces, leaving a premium finish.
  • Versatility-Airless sprayers can be utilized for a wide spectrum of coating materials, involving exterior and interior jobs, and can simply be transported from job sites to job sites.


Our Airless Spray Pump Myanmar has all these characteristics which resulted in an increase in its demand in the market.

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