Blast Cabinets

Blast cabinets can be used to blast clean relatively small substrates of surface rust and contaminants in a dust free environmentally friendly manner. Airblast has a complete range of systems which set the standard for optimum performance in modern blast cabinets. Whether you wish to de-burr, clean, remove an existing coating, or produce a matt / polished surface on your substrate an Airblast blast cabinet is the most professional, cost effective equipment available.

The standard range of Airblast cabinets are most suited for blasting one product at a time – the products are placed into the cabinet one-by-one where they are manually blasted. Automatic blasting cabinets can be used in production lines  for increased productivity. We can also supply blasting machines with robot blasting technology, the handling robot positions the products in the cabinet to reduce manual labour. In addition to our standard range of vacuum and pressure blast cabinets we also have the possibility to manufacture bespoke cabinets designed to adhere to your specific requirements.

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