Pipe Cleaning Equipment + Winch

Constant expansions in the oil and gas industry mean continued investments in pipelines to transport the products.

Todays sophisticated coating systems guarantee many years of maintenance free operation on the proviso that they are applied to a substrate which has been prepared according to the specification. Airblast has a complete range of equipment dedicated to ensure that the pipeline is blasted correctly internally and externally either in a production facility or in-site.

Equipment to internally blast pipes is available for pipes from:

  • 0.5” – 1.25” (13 – 32 mm)  = Airblast Mini Blast
  • 1.25” – 12” (32 – 305 mm)  = Airblast Circle Blast
  • 8” – 36” (204 – 915 mm) =  Airblast Spinner Blast
  • 35” – 63” (890 – 1600 mm) = Airblast Jumbo Pipe Blaster

SWS Semi-automatic Winch System

The Airblast semi-automatic winch system is specially developed for the Airblast Internal Pipe Cleaning Equipment like the Circleblast, Spinnerblast and Jumboblast as well as for the Airblast Pipe Coating Equipment like the Pipecoater-III/125/300/900.

This machine is designed with a PLC controlled hoisting system to pull at the blast hose with an adjustable constant speed to clean the inside of pipes. The speed can be adjusted from almost zero to 15 mtr/minute.

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