AIRVAC Mark III vacuum recovery system

The Airblast Airvac is a robust, compact, highly efficient, pneumatic recovery unit.


The Airblast Airvac is capable of recovering spent abrasives or any other form of solid materials, ranging in size up to 20 mm over a distance of up to 30 meters. The unit is fully air operated and only requires 250 cfm of air at 85 psi pressure (7 m3/min. at 5.8 bar).

No other form of power is required to operate the unit. A simple modification converts the Airvac into a ventilation unit for ducting air from tanks etc.


A full range of accessories are available, such as suction and material conveying hoses suitable for conveying all bulk materials and blasting media. Reinforced and flexible hose for light cleaning. PVC vacuum hose for industrial cleaning. Light rubber hose for the suction of abrasive materials and durable rubber hose for heavy duty suction and retrieval. In addition a full range of couplings, connectors, suction hose manifolds compliment the range.

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